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Carl Zeiss Victory Varipoint 1.5-6x42 iC T* Illuminated Reticle 60 Riflescope [M521753-60]

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  • Carl Zeiss Varipoint 1.5-6x42 iC T* Illuminated Reticle 60 Riflescope Carl Zeiss Varipoint 1.5-6x42 iC T* Illuminated Reticle 60 Riflescope
  • Reticle 60 Varipoint Reticle 60 Varipoint

Quick Overview

  • Illuminated Reticle 60

  • 1.5-6x Zoom

  • 42mm Diameter


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Carl Zeiss Victory Varipoint 1.5-6x42 iC T* Illuminated Reticle 60 Riflescope [M521753-60]

The Victory Varipoint models provide bright, high-resolution images and are suitable for universal use, as the illuminated dot works perfectly in daylight. With this, Carl Zeiss has created a successful high-performance riflescope, and one which sets a whole new standard. This riflescope is suitable for universal hunting applications as it can be used by day for stand hunting or on fast moving game and also in the last of the twilight - all because of the high levels of transmission of over 90% and the first illuminated dot on the market that is also suitable for daylight use. However, it also offers several other innovative features: a unique Reticle 60 or the innovative Illumination Control. The Reticle 60 has been perfected to provide fast target acquisition. The illumination Control makes it quick and easy to activate the illuminated dot in combination with your Blaser rifle: when you cock your Blaser R 93 or R 8, a sensor in the eyepiece turns the illuminated reticle on and off in an instant.

Reticle 60 Varipoint


In the Victory Varipoint riflescopes, the posts and lines are in the 1st reticle plane­, which gives a good idea of the distance. On the other hand, the illuminated dot, suitable for daylight use, is located in the 2nd image plane, which means it remains a constant size. This has the advantage of allowing you to estimate the distance without an enlarged illuminated dot covering too much of the target.

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High-performance optical design

With a light transmission of over 90% the Victory Varipoint sets the standards for the competition. The Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating ensures bright, high-contrast images, even if you decide to shoot in the most challenging of conditions. This is made possible because you can still experience everything in fine detail. The tried and tested Victory leading-edge optics are available in three different versions and cover the majority of all hunting situations.

Illuminated dot for hunting by day or by night

The illuminated dot is a very useful tool, even during the day. When you wish to take aim quickly on a driven hunt and then want to take a quick shot, this dot is clearly visible on the target. The same applies to night-time hunting: simply dim the dot according to your own personal preference, so that it is not too bright for you. This is an intrinsic property of the riflescope with its integrated sensor, offering you valuable support, even though you can fine-tune it yourself.

Highly practical reticles

The Victory Varipoint riflescopes can provide you with some innovative reticle solutions, starting with the Reticle 0 - the classic "dot reticle". A fine, brightly illuminated dot ensures quick and intuitive target acquisition. It guarantees you a clear view of the game - a real plus when you need to shoot at speed.

The Reticle V69 is the ultimate all-rounder for hunting by day or night. It offers a clearly visible dot in the 2nd image plane by day while at night a fine cross in the 1st image plane ensures optimum target acquisition. You can choose between the two reticles and are therefore ready for any eventuality. This is an innovative solution, and one which is unique on the market.

Perfected for long-range shooting, the Victory Varipoint is also supplied with the Reticle 60. The fine crosshair reticle, with the illuminated dot in the 2nd image plane enables you to estimate distances and the fine structure of the reticle elements prevents excessive target coverage. Perfected for your long-range shooting.

iC – illumination Control

Don't miss a single chance when out hunting: the dot lights up when the rifle is cocked so that you are ready to shoot. The system links the activation of the reticle illumination with the cocking of your Blaser rifle. The riflescope uses a sensor to reliably determine whether or not your rifle is cocked, saving you valuable time that you can use to focus on your shot. A technology that you won't want to miss.

Versatile models

Specialists for everything from the driven hunt to night-time hunting. The four models of the Victory Varipoint range cover virtually every hunting scenario. The 1.1-4x riflescope is the ideal companion on a driven hunt. The wide field of view makes rapid target acquisition possible and provides impressive, razor-sharp details. The 3-12x56 riflescope continues to give detailed images even in the deepest twilight, allowing you to take aim with confidence in stand hunting. All models are available as iC options.

Tried and tested LotuTec® coating

Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTec® coating, ensuring clear visibility even in rain and snow. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt.

Robust housing

The riflescope is designed for use in the harshest conditions. The innovative iC illumination control, the illuminated reticle and the complex mechanics inside the scope are all protected by a sturdy aluminium housing. This means that the Victory Varipoint models can withstand the strongest calibres and their recoil without sustaining any damage. The housing is filled with nitrogen so that you can maintain a clear view even in cold, wet weather as the lenses will not fog up. You can rely on the function of the Victory Varipoint iC models even in the harshest conditions. They can be fixed onto your rifle using the stable ZEISS rail mount.

ASV ballistic concept

The Victory Varipoint with ASV is ideally suited to long-range shooting. It gives you the chance to set the target distance with precision in order to compensate for any bullet drop. This means that long-range shots no longer rely on an estimated "holding over" but on the precise performance of hunter and optics. The ballistic concept enables you to shoot from up to 400 metres. The shooting distance is displayed straight away, making it very quick and easy to operate. The ASV is an optional extra.

Secure mounting

The tried and tested ZEISS rail mount offers a wide range of mounting options to ensure robust and shock-proof mounting, even on your hunting rifle. The rail mount system also avoids any adhesive residues, as might be required with ring mounting.


Reticle 60
Illuminated Yes
Railmount Yes
Magnification 1.5-6x
Lens Diameter 42mm
Exit Pupil 15mm-7mm
Field of View at 100m 24m-6.9m
Eye Relief 90mm
Size of Illuminated Dot at 100m at Max Magnification 3.67cm
Paralax Free 100m
Adjustment Range at 100m 204cm
Adjustment per Click at 100m 1cm
Centre Tube Diameter 30mm
Eyepiece Tube Diameter 40mm
Objective Tube Diameter 48mm
LotuTec® Yes
Nitrogen Filling Yes
Water Proof 400 mbar
Length 330mm
Weight 525g
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