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Carl Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x72 T* FL Reticle 43 il. Riflescope [5217859943]

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  • Carl Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x72 T* FL Reticle 43 il. Riflescopes Carl Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x72 T* FL Reticle 43 il. Riflescopes
  • Reticle 43 Reticle 43

Quick Overview

  • Illuminated Reticle 43

  • 6-24x Zoom

  • 72mm Diameter


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Carl Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x72 T* FL Reticle 43 il. Riflescope [5217859943]

The Victory FL Diavari riflescopes are specialists in the ZEISS range in two ways. On the one hand the exceptionally high magnifications make them genuine long-range shooting experts. They identify every detail of the target and can place a shot with precision even on small targets. On the other hand there is no other riflescope on the market that combines a 72 mm lens diameter with 24 x magnification. Experience the breathtaking sharpness of detail even in the depths of twilight or in pale moonlight. All Victory FL Diavari riflescopes also benefit from the hugely impressive FL concept: brilliant images with no distracting chromatic aberrations. The perfect solution, even in advanced twilight conditions.

Reticle 43


We can also offer an illuminated version of this classic reticle. At 12 x magnification the characteristic dots of the reticle are exactly 10 cm at 100 m apart. You can therefore calculate the distance to the target, as the angle between the points equals 1 milliradian = 10 cm / 100 m. Since all of the inner crosshairs and the dot are illuminated, you can use this to your advantage to estimate distances even in the deepest twilight.

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Impressive performance data

The exceptionally high 16 x and 24 x magnifications offer perfect conditions for clean shots at maximum distances. Whether you are hunting live game or target shooting, you will be able to see every detail. Equally impressive are the 56 and 72 mm lens diameters: the bright pictures they give help you to get the most out of the last light for successful hunting.

Brilliant FL concept

Fluoride glass in the lenses reduces distracting chromatic aberrations for a brilliant, high contrast image. This means that even at greater distances it is still possible to identify important details of the target. The high light transmission provided by the Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating gives you the necessary brightness, even at high magnifications.

Precise long-range shooting concepts

Two totally precise long-range shooting concepts are available: the Rapid-Z® ballistic reticle and the bullet drop compensator (ASV). The Rapid-Z® ballistic reticle gives holdover points that you can use intuitively to compensate for bullet drop. Set the ASV to the desired distance to be sure of accurate aiming, even over long distances.

Parallax adjustment

High magnification and great distances require exact focussing in order to maintain a sharp image. When this is achieved you can ensure maximum precision and avoid so-called parallax errors. The setting range on the easy-to-reach adjustment knob goes from 50 m to infinity. Trust your eyes and shoot as cleanly as the image of the Victory FL Diavari riflescopes.

Tried and tested LotuTec® coating

Keep your target clearly in sight whatever the weather. Water simply rolls off the tried and tested LotuTec® coating, ensuring clear visibility even in rain and snow. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt.


Illuminated and non-illuminated reticles, including a ballistic reticle to compensate for bullet drop, are all available. They are all located in the 2nd image plane in order to keep the fine reticle constant even when the magnification changes. This gives you minimum target coverage for precise shooting at long range. The vertical setting range has been maximised for better bullet drop compensation at long range using the ASV.


The stable aluminium housing and the mechanics are designed for extremely high shot stability and for use in the harshest of conditions. The interior is also filled with nitrogen, which makes it resistant to condensation even in cold, wet weather. The rifle mounting system uses 30 mm ring mounts or 34 mm rings for the Victory FL Diavari 6-24x72 T*. The riflescope is built with extreme use in mind. You can rely on it anywhere in the world.

Simple ring mounting

The 30 mm ring mounting system enables the Victory FL Diavari riflescopes to be mounted on all rifles in common use. The 30 mm ring mounting system simply offers a wider range of options. It is therefore suitable for virtually all rifles in common use and every type of mounting element.


Reticle 43
Illuminated Yes
Magnification 6-24x
Lens Diameter 56mm
Exit Pupil 12mm-3mm
Field of View at 100m 6.1m-1.7m
Eye Relief 90mm
Size of Illuminated Dot at 100m at Max Magnification 0.5cm
Paralax Free 50m-∞
Adjustment Range at 100m 110cm elevation, 80cm windage
Adjustment per Click at 100m 1cm
Centre Tube Diameter 34mm
Eyepiece Tube Diameter 45mm
Objective Tube Diameter 80mm
LotuTec® Yes
Nitrogen Filling Yes
Water Proof 400 mbar
Length 378mm
Weight 1060g
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