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Cokin P164 Circular Polarising Filter For P Series Holders

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Quick Overview

  • Darkens Blue Skies to make clouds stand out

  • Reduces or Eliminates Reflections from Glass or Water

  • Balances scenes with sky and shade in them

  • Rotates within the holder

  • Not Compatible with EVO Holders

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Cokin P164 Circular Polarising Filter For P Series Holders

The Cokin Circular Polariser filter provides same effect as a Linear Polariser but is designed to work with auto focus cameras with split beam metering. The Circular Polariser has linear polariser construction plus a built-in Wave Retardant to ensure proper exposure. The linear element polarizes the light and the wave retardant de-polarizes it, and then the beam splitting meter polarizes the light again for proper exposure. It can also remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water or glass and also saturate colours providing better contrast.

The Cokin 164 Circular Polarizer Glass Filter removes polarized light to improve outdoor images. Circular Polarizing filters darken blue skies adding contrast and making white puffy clouds stand out for a more dramatic scene.

Light rays reflected from glass or water becomes polarized. A polarizing filter removes unwanted reflections, which increases color saturation in outdoor photography. It also takes the sheen (reflections) off water to make it easier to see what is beneath the surface. The effect can be seen through the viewfinder and changed by rotating the filter.

*NOTE: The Cokin 164 series polarizers will not work with the Cokin EVO filter holders.


The polarizing filter is without contest the one whose impact on your images will be most significant; intensifying the blueness of the sky, saturating the entirety of the color spectrum, finessing the intensity of bright lights and reflections!

In sunny weather – and even more during morning or evening hours – and if you respect a right angle (90°) between the shooting axis and the position of the sun, a polarizing filter will darken the blue of the sky throwing the clouds into stark relief.

Polarizing filters significantly improve the saturation of colors. You will obtain greener greens, richer reds and ever more brilliant yellows. You will be surprised to see how certain colors, dull to the naked eye, become vibrant and dazzling with this filter.

In all kinds of weather, polarizing filters reduce, eliminate, and deepen reflections on all non-metallic surfaces like water or windows. It brings transcendence to vegetation, transforms bodies of water, opens vistas!

Note that with wide-angle lenses from 24mm and shorter (in 35mm photography terms) the side of the image which is farthest from the sun will be darker than the other. This is an inevitable optical phenomenon, independent of the polarizing filter.


Designed for cameras with a polarizing half mirror or split beam metering and digital cameras

Removes unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces

Saturates colours and increase contrast

Use an angle of 45deg from the subject and turn the filter into the holder to adjust the polarising effect

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