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Yukon Phantom Gen 2+ 3x50 (FX) Weaver Long Night Vision Riflescope [YU26057WLT]

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  • Yukon Phantom Gen 2+ 3x50 (FX) Weaver Long Night Vision Riflescope [YU26057WLT] Yukon Phantom Gen 2+ 3x50 (FX) Weaver Long Night Vision Riflescope [YU26057WLT]

Quick Overview

  • Remote Control 

  • Objective lens 

  • Power Supply 

  • Objective Lens Cap 

  • IR Illuminator 

  • Instant Start 

  • Mount

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Yukon Phantom Gen 2+ 3x50 (FX) Weaver Long Night Vision Riflescope [YU26057WLT]

The Phantom Night Vision Riflescope takes into account all requirements for modern night hunting. The Phantom has a strict design and highly functional. It is waterproof (gas filled optical channel, impermeability class IPX6) and can be used in precipitation of any intensity.

The gas filled channel prevents optics and internal cavities of the riflescope from condensation that may be caused by temperature difference or higher humidity. Design of the body and a reinforced component tube ensure shockproof with the use of heavy recoil ammunition, including 9.3x62, 9.3x74, 375H&H.

The Gen II+ tube with automatic brightness adjustment and along with high aperture lens provides sharp and clear picture. High light gain constant allows hunting even in situation of critically low night illumination (down to 10-4 lx ? ?night sky in clouds?). A problem of choosing a reticle also has been solved effectively. With the Phantom hunter can choose the most suitable configuration of the reticle and change it by simply pressing of the button. Voltage stabilization system eliminates risk of the reticle shift even with almost discharged battery.

The hunter can choose one of the three reticles that suits the specific situation best and switch it by a simple push of a button. Blinking of the reticle means that the battery should be replaced within 15-30 minutes. 26157T features a Mil-Dot reticle.

A Weaver 7/8? rail on the left side of the body is used for affixing various accessories: additional and more powerful IR-illuminator, laser pointer, directional microphone etc. Main controls are on top of the upper board excluding unpredictable changes of setup parameters.

Remote Control
Duplicates the on/off function of the device and IR illuminator and quick start-up of the riflescope and IR illuminator (the device works only when the button is kept pressed). This is very convenient in order to find the appropriate position, take aim and shoot.

Objective lens
The objective lens has a quantified focusing mechanism with fixation on 100m range. This allows you to get a sharp image at any distances within the working range.

Power Supply
The riflescope can be powered with one AA (1.5V) or CR123 (3V) battery. The power supply unit with a voltage stabilization system ensures proper work of all systems of the riflescope even when the battery is nearly empty.

Objective Lens Cap
The cap is fastened on a rigid plastic ring dipped into the groove in the objective of the covering. This secures the cap from being lost. There is no need to remove the cap when viewing or shooting - you can simply slide it back and fix anywhere on the objective housing.

IR Illuminator
The riflescope is equipped with a powerful IR illuminator with focused light spot, from concentrated to diffused one.

Instant Start
The fast start-up of the riflescope and IR is very convenient when constant observation is not conducted in order to get familiarized with the situation. In this case the riflescope works only when the button is kept pressed.

This Phantom riflescope has a Weaver-Long, as well as with the unbrversal adapter allowing to install Phantom onto different types of rifles with the help of Kilik Feintechnik (MAK?) mounts.

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