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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8 Premium Wide Prime Lens Silver

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  • Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8 Premium Wide Prime Lens Silver Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8 Premium Wide Prime Lens Silver

Quick Overview

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  • Pro grade wide-angle prime

  • Fast and quiet autofocusing

  • Ultra-bright f/1.8 aperture

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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital 17mm f/1.8 Premium Wide Prime Lens Silver

Availability: Ordered In Upon Purchase

The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm 1:1.8 (34mm*) lens possesses outstanding image quality in a lightweight and extremely compact form. Its ultra‑bright 1:1.8 large aperture not only facilitates the ability to capture shots with eye‑catching depth of field blur, it also enables tripod‑free shooting in low light conditions – further accentuated by the in‑body image stabilisation of the latest Olympus Micro Four Thirds System cameras. Besides the extremely bright 1:1.8 aperture, this premium Micro Four Thirds‑compliant wide‑angle lens also impresses due to its unique mechanisms for Snapshot Focusing and Movie & Stills Compatible (MSC) autofocusing as well as a special ZERO lens coating for high quality results.


Superb image quality for brilliant photos

Snapshot focus mechanism

High‑speed AF with MSC technology

Premium build quality with metal housing

High‑specification design with metal housing

ZERO (Zuiko Extra‑low Reflection Optical) coating for low‑reflectivity

Image stabilisation mechanism with Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras

Excellent low‑light capabilities and stunning bokeh

Compact high-grade snapshot lens boasting excellent performance

High-grade snapshot lens with high-performance technology packed into a compact metal body. 9 elements (including 3 aspherical lenses) are rationally placed to achieve sharp, high-contrast image throughout the image area even at F1.8 aperture. It features the snapshot focus mechanism for easy enjoyment of quick deep focus shooting, as well as the MSC mechanism that enables fast, smooth autofocusing for both still images and movies.

Achieving high-image quality/high-performance and compact size

9 elements in 6 groups, including a DSA lens that incorporates highly-accurate production technology; and an HR (High Refractive index) lens, that features high spherical aberration correction capability, are packed into a 35.5mm, 120g compact body. Boasts sharp, high-contrast image throughout the image area even at F1.8 aperture. State-of-the-art technology and know-how acquired through years of experience made it possible to achieve this level of image quality and high performance whilst ensuring a small size.

ZERO Coating eliminates ghosts and flares

ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) Coating is applied to the lens surface to eliminate ghosts and flares that used to be difficult to reduce because of their high transparency. ZERO Coating boasts clear image quality even under challenging conditions such as backlit conditions.

Bright F1.8 aperture and in-body image stabilisation are effective under low light conditions

All Olympus OM-D and PEN cameras feature an in-body image stabilisation system. When combined with the fast F1.8 lens, blur-free images are easy even when shooting sunsets, low-light indoor scenes, and other locations where flash photography is not permitted (such as zoos and aquariums).

The MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) mechanism enables fast, quiet autofocusing

The MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) mechanism is the latest in optical design technology for achieving fast and silent focusing with a lightweight form and minimum number of lenses. The gears have been removed, eliminating operational noise. A sub-micron precision metal axis (shaft) and feed screw (screw drive) are used for efficient, direct driving of the lightweight focusing lens. Enabling faster and quieter autofocusing.. This lens employs an inner focusing system that uses the MSC mechanism. It performs autofocusing by optimally controlling the three small, lightweight lenses. Thanks to this smooth AF system, users can comfortably shoot both still images and movies.

The advanced snapshot focus mechanism lets you shift the focusing point to a specific distance.

The snapshot focus mechanism enables you to take snapshots easily. Sliding the focus ring towards you to a specific distance reveals the distance markers engraved on the lens barrel as the focus point moves to a point on the distance marker. This mechanism allows quick deep-focus shooting, in which both subject and background are in focus, and quick no-finder shooting.

Sophisticated textured metallic finish for a stylish, classic look in a highly compact design

The solid yet comfortable-to-hold texture of the metal exterior, and the condensed, drifting, high quality feeling unique to a precision device were developed to ensure the camera remains stylish as the years pass. The metal lens hood and lens cap were specifically designed to accentuate the camera's style.


Focal length 17mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 34mm)
Maximum / Minimum aperture F1.8/F22
Lens construction 9 elements in 6 groups (DSA lens, 2 A spherical lenses, HR lens, etc.)
Angle of view 65°
AF mode High-speed imager AF (MSC mechanism)
Closest focusing distance 0.25m
Maximum image magnification 0.08x (35mm equivalent maximum image magnification: 0.16x)
Minimum field size 216 x 162mm
Number of diaphragm blades 7 (circular aperture diaphragm)
Filter size Ø46mm
Mount standard Micro Four Thirds System standard
Size: maximum diameter x length Ø57.5mm x 35.5mm
Weight 120g
Box Contents Lens Cap (LC-46), Rear Lens Cap (LR-2), Instruction Manual and Warranty Card

Depth of field

When focusing on a subject, there is an area behind and in front of the focused point that is also in focus. This area is called depth of field. The amount of area behind a focused point will always be greater than the area in front of the focused point regardless of aperture. Depth of field becomes deeper when the focal length is short (wide-angle lens), the focusing distance is long and aperture is small.

Depth of field table (in units of metres)

Columns: aperture values

Rows: focusing distance (m)*1

  0.25 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.7 1 2 3 5
1.8 0.246 to 0.255 0.293 to 0.307 0.387 to 0.414 0.480 to 0.522 0.658 to 0.748 0.914 to 1.104 1.674 to 2.490 2.314 to 4.283 3.333 to 10.110 9.809 - ∞
2.8 0.243 to 0.257 0.290 to 0.311 0.381 to 0.421 0.469 to 0.536 0.638 to 0.776 0.874 to 1.171 1.539 to 2.874 2.061 to 5.583 2.828 to 22.750 6.395 - ∞
4 0.241 to 0.260 0.286 to 0.316 0.374 to 0.431 0.458 to 0.552 0.616 to 0.813 0.832 to 1.260 1.406 to 3.518 1.827 to 8.744 2.400 - ∞ 4.539 - ∞
5.6 0.237 to 0.265 0.281 to 0.323 0.364 to 0.446 0.442 to 0.577 0.587 to 0.872 0.779 to 1.415 1.254 to 5.181 1.574 to 45.838 1.979 - ∞ 3.223 - ∞
8 0.233 to 0.271 0.274 to 0.333 0.351 to 0.468 0.423 to 0.618 0.551 to 0.974 0.714 to 1.718 1.090 to 15.763 1.321 -  ∞ 1.591 - ∞ 2.295 - ∞
11 0.226 to 0.281 0.264 to 0.350 0.335 to 0.505 0.398 to 0.687 0.508 to 1.170 0.641 to 2.479 0.921 - ∞ 1.079 - ∞ 1.249 - ∞ 1.638 - ∞
16 0.218 to 0.297 0.252 to 0.377 0.314 to 0.569 0.368 to 0.819 0.458 to 1.649 0.561 to 6.883 0.759 - ∞ 0.860 - ∞ 0.963 - ∞ 1.173 - ∞
22 0.207 to 0.324 0.237 to 0.426 0.290 to 0.699 0.334 to 1.140 0.404 to 4.104 0.479 - ∞ 0.611 - ∞ 0.673 - ∞ 0.732 - ∞ 0.844 - ∞

*1: The diameter of the permissible circle of confusion is 1/60mm.

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